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Rob Wilkinson

Located in the UK


I have always been able to draw, my teachers used to challenge me to copy images from books as early as 9 years old and were amazed at the quality of reproduction.


I love the works of Turner and continuously try to develop my painting not only to capture the moods of the earth, sky and sea, but also the vastness of the skies that we walk beneath. When I stand under a clear night sky I am always taken by the expanse of space, how can I capture that on a canvas?


I regularly try to experience the elements, the uncontrollable forces of nature. I have stood on cliff tops watching electrical storms at sea. I went up Mount Etna when it was erupting to feel and hear the powers of nature being unleashed. It is that feeling that I want to capture, the emotional connection with the natural world.


Other places you can find me


You can find me on Facebook - RobWilkinsonArtist


If you have any questions at all please get in touch


Artwork Features


I have a painting featured in the SAA March 2016 magazine, which was painted in repsonse to their competition to paint an interpretation of a photograph. I produced a painting called "Waiting for summer" which can be seen on the Landscapes page here.